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Beyond three-storey building located in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya actually stored various trading activities of the gold rush.
Interestingly, the situation was not witnessed the sale and purchase jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces or earrings.
Instead, they carry out the process to obtain valuable pieces of pure gold glitter.
However, the premises are located on the third floor is simply not accessible. You need to make special appointments to the Public Gold limbs to the main iron gate will open.
"As a security measure, where we have strict supervision. They want to get a gold plate to deal with the three resistance metal gate that opens automatically.
"In Public Gold, they can see the screen display of gold prices as a guide to buying or selling," said Marketing Executive Public Fine Gold International Sdn. Bhd., Wilson Tan.
Talked about the power of gold, people now began to open the mind to make new investments. No longer focused on simply keeping the money, the trend of buying gold pieces more popular and well received.
Even a handful of prospective bride and groom were chosen as the delivery of the gold dinar dowry because it is a valuable commodity which is highly valued.
Though buried for thousands of years, gold is still shiny and the most valuable asset. Gold can be purchased either in the form of coins or pieces of commercial banks.
In addition, the difference between investments valued pieces of gold and jewelry is in terms of the percentage bid.
"Gold coins and gold pieces of the higher value of 999.9 percent compared to the gold was melted to make jewelry is 91.6 percent," he said.

Gold purity can be tested before agreeing to purchase.

Meanwhile, the Main Dealer Public Gold, Syukor Hashim explained, Public Gold is getting approval from Bank Negara to offer trading services 999.9 or 24 carat gold for investment, safe and cheap. On the count value, the Public Gold offers four pieces of gold products 20 grams (g), 50 g, 100 g and a kilogram (kg). "Prices are stated in dollars per gram. The price is always changing, so they are usually interested in the world will continue to monitor prices. "People are given the freedom to buy as many pieces of gold depends on their ability," he explained. Bringing sale and purchase of gold run full time, Syukor early exposure through the program The Truth Revealed: Dinar and Dirham The Real True Money two years ago.

From there, he began to understand the concept of money and real wealth. Thanks a lot to research through reading and reference. "I realize that true wealth is not situated in the note. But the gold, silver, real estate, livestock and crops. "Paper money can be manipulated and can be printed at the same time its value may be lost," he explained earnestly. For one of the private staff, Ahmad Fithrie Ahmad Tajalie, 31, the first investment last year released a total of RM38, 000 for a few gold pieces to private. Due to the high value of gold, he is more interested in adding a collection of gold nuggets for future savings. "Satisfaction and touch a piece of gold itself could not be described. That makes me more interested in mengumpulnya. "The tips is when is buying gold, save gold, but only if the required funds then they are sold. More good if it is sold at high prices. The longer the gold is kept, the price is more expensive," he said.

GOLD of Public Gold displays the seal engaged.

As provided by legislation, giving dowry is required from a man to be his wife. It can be paid in a variety of methods and any appropriate forms and the ability of couples involved. Commonly completed dowry money, a copy of the Quran, rings or bracelets. However, now the gold dinar coins have been well received as a dowry for the wedding. Maybe it is time people accept the agreement to use gold dinar as dowry as it had sentimental value and intrinsic sound.

Gold dinar as dowry is suitable for engraving and printing word faith verses of the Qur'an symbolically represents the height value of human life based on religion. Couples who were married in September last year, Wan Azmir Wan Mohamad and Nadiah Abd. Rahman also use gold dinar as their dowry. Each is described as aged 27 years, decided to use gold dinar as to restore the tradition of the Muslim community that had been abandoned. "Knowledge of the use of gold dinar is made after I made some reference reading about it. From there I discovered that the gold dinar value increase. "In fact, the unique shape and beautiful gold dinar for storage. In contrast to money savings, it may not last long," said Wan Azmir Wan Mohamad that completed portions of a gold dinar coin weighing 25.04 grams (22 carat) of RM502 (worth RM570 now subject to current prices).
NADIAH receive a shipment of gold dinar dowry from her husband, Wan Azmir.

Meanwhile, economists, Datuk Mohd. Salleh Abdul Majid said the gold dinar be used as a tool to exchange the most secure in the event of political instability and market. Gold dinar has a fixed value and can be made without considering the loss of savings and purchasing power, such as paper money.A concrete implementation of the recommendations of a more serious follow-up should be done so that countries can use the gold dinar with more comprehensive."The scope of the use of gold dinar in fact very large because there are like a gold dinar as a collection of asset inflation proof. Dinar gold coin shaped as a valid medium of exchange. But the extent of our community interested in using it as recommended by the former Prime Minister Tun Dr . Mahathir Mohamad, "he said when contacted Kosmo!.

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