Is your website / blog fast enough? Check it out this website / blog speed tester for free at this blog! In fact, you can compare the speed of your site with your competitors site.

It is estimated that if the page does not open in 5-8 seconds you will lose 1 / 3 of your visitors. So if your website is a speed slower than that you may need to revise your design, site structure or just move to a faster server.

Calculate load for your blog here. Web / blog in terms of Size, Load Time and Average Speed per KB. What should you focus on is the size for the best values for a blog is below 100kb. For the Load Time and Average Speed per KB is, it depends on your internet speed.

If your blog is more than 100kb in size, try to reduce the burden on your blog.

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(Example: jaydamien.blogspot.com)

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