[CELIK IT] File Serve Manager

Salam semua. Entri ni pasal download manager yang aku gunakan selain dari Internet Download Manager ataupun nama lainnya IDM.

FileServe Manager ni merupakan salah satu download manager yang agak stabil dan mampu menambah kelajuan ketika memuat turun. Selain ia juga adalah PERCUMA untuk dimuat turun. (hehe.. itulah yang penting)

  • FileServe Manager can accelerate your downloads by splitting the files up into smaller segments, thus improving the download speed.
  • FileServe Manager can resume broken downloads, eliminating the need to restart your downloads after interruptions.
  • Enjoy the ease of downloading from your favorite file hosting websites through the in-built management tools in FileServe Manager.
  • Easy management of all your download contents as FileServe Manager automatically categorizes everything!
  • FileServe Manager presents all download information in concise and easy-to-read formats, always keeping you up-to-date with your downloads.
  • FileServe Manager offers extensive setting options, allowing you to customize your downloads exactly the way you want.
 System requirements :
> Windows Operating System
> An Internet Access

Download FileServe Manager version

Download FileServe Manager (Windows) (11 MBFree Download)

 source :
> http://www.fileservemanager.com/

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