[INFO] Earth Hour labelled a waste of time by WA sustainability group

The Chairman of Western Australia's largest sustainability program says Earth Hour is tokenistic and a waste of time.

Since 2007, the Earth Hour campaign has been encouraging people to turn off their lights simultaneously for one hour to show their support for making a stand against climate change.

Last year, more than 200-million people in 128 countries participated in the event.
This year's Earth Hour is scheduled for tonight.

John Carlson, from the not-for-profit initiative Days of Change, says the event gives people a false sense of achievement.

"In one hour you can't save enough energy to make a significant impact on the country or the world," Mr Carlson said.

"If we're going to reduce our emissions seriously, we have to take action every single day."

"We need to change their behaviour right across the board and every day of the week."

The organiser of Australia's Earth Hour, Jonathan Larkon, says the event is more than just a gimmick.

"It is a call to action and we are asking people to go beyond the hour and make some changes to their everyday lives," Mr Larkon said.

"It's not about one hour of darkness it's about a whole lifetime of sustainability."

p/s : Adakah kita sekali lagi diperbodohkan? Apa relevannya jikalau kita berbuat demikian?
Sehinggakan ada setengah pihak kata cuma perlu tutup suis lampu jer, ada pulak pihak lain kata kena tutup apa segala suis barang elektrik. Kalau setakat tutup lampu satu jam, aku tido pun tutup lampu jugak kot??? Bukan satu jam, tapi 4-5 jam jugak la.

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